The classic asset management business has come under pressure throughout the last decade. Increasing regulatory pressure, as well as stiff competition through low-cost providers of products like exchange traded funds, makes it even more necessary for asset managers to focus on a balanced approach of risk vs. return.

Our value3 team members are experts when it comes to dealing with a holistic view of risk and return, and any kind of financial instruments, from plain-vanilla to highly exotic structures. Having worked in asset management line functions, we understand the business and surrounding regulation.

With our end-to-end risk solution offering we can support you in the following areas:

  • Enhancement and review of risk and valuation methods and models
  • Set-up and review of risk management frameworks, governance, and processes
  • Development and implementation of VaR and ES models
  • Development and implementation of risk & performance attribution
  • Development and implementation of valuation models for derivatives & structured products
  • Development and implementation of predictive modelling and robo advisory solutions