You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

- Steve Jobs

The key differentiator in all our consulting services is the rare blend of broad strategic and deep functional experience our team members bring to the table. This enables us to approach every assignment with a holistic view from various angles (risk, finance, strategy, quants, IT, etc.), and bridge the gap between the often existing silos in mature institution. Whenever required, we are able to dig down into the smallest details.

We connect the dots based on our past experiences, as well as specific circumstances, and support our clients from risk strategy to implementation, including the development of customized technology solutions.

In the past our team has successfully supported global leading financial institutions in Risk & Regulatory projects across all risk types, IFRS as well as Actuarial Management:

Risk Management & Regulatory

Strategic Risk & Capital Management
  • Set-up and implementation of GRC framworks
  • Set-Up and review of ERM roadmaps
  • ICAAP set-up and improvement
  • Group-wide captial allocation process set-up
Operational Risk
  • Set-up of operational risk control frameworks
  • Operational Risk management regarding data consistency
  • Event Studies, projections and modelling of operational risk
  • Reputational Risk assessment framework
Market & Liquidity Risk
  • Capital requirements for trading book activities
  • Cross asset prime brokerage risk and margin
  • Enhancement of risk analysis, valuation and limit systems
  • Risk management for securitizations
  • Implementation of proprietary market data solutions
  • Global single source market-, instrument- and client reference data
  • BASEL III liquidity risk management
Credit Risk
  • BASEL III counterparty credit exposure (CEM/IMM)
  • Probability of default estimation
  • Asset quality balance sheet review
  • Dodd-Frank independent amount for OTC derivatives
  • BCBS/IOSCO margin rules for non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives
  • CVA capital charges for OTC derivatives
  • Triparty repo product onboarding

Risk-related Accounting Projects

  • IFRS 9 business requirements analysis for Classification & Measurement
  • IFRS 9 credit risk modelling for Impairment
  • IFRS 9 Fair Value Measurement for loans with embedded options
  • IAS 39 valuation audits and reviews
  • Large-scale risk & finance IT transformation

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