Creating sustainable value for clients in the insurance industry requires sophisticated skills and experiences in various areas. Life Insurance, P&C, Health Insurance and Reinsurance are different in nature – from a business, risk and accounting perspective.

Our team possesses the necessary broad background and experience working for (Re-)Insurers, in order to understand the key issues a specific client is facing. Whether it’s about long-term life insurance, where the asset side of the balance sheet, hedging, and replicating portfolios gain importance, or P&C where sophisticated statistical estimation techniques are essential on the liability side – in all these aspects we leverage our broad knowledge and expertise in actuarial science, ALM, investment management, accounting and IT.

The following are just a few of currently relevant topics where we can support you from strategy to implementation:

  • IFRS 9 (Financial Instruments)
  • IFRS 13 (Insurance Contracts)
  • Solvency II

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